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science meets style

adjustable strap

Lifting Strap

Patented adjusting straps lift them up to your desired height.

Cup Adjuster

Works like a corset adjusting  each cup.  We're not all symmetrical!

No Underwire

Unique compression materials serve as your “helping hands”.

Wicking Mesh Back

Comfort and breathability designed to expand and contract with you.

Front Hardware

Front locking zip hook for easy closure with no digging metal.

Divot Control

Distribute weight across the back taking the pressure off shoulders.


Let us help you find the right fit.  Reach out anytime if you want us to walk you through the process of finding the right size. For more on finding the right fit please go to the FIND YOUR FIT page.

A Bra That Changes With You

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I have tried every other sports bra out there and this is the only one that works

Amy, 41

I have yet to find a sports bra made for large chests that are actually supportive, comfortable, and sexy. It seems like I always have to select just one or two of these qualities. Bloom Bras provide all three! They are revolutionizing active apparel for curvy woman.

Ray, 22

As an active person who has a full chest, I love not having to wear layers upon layers of sports bras to get the support that I need. With a Bloom Bra, I get maximum support with just one comfortable and breathable bra.

Kelly, 30

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