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Bloom Bras Size Calculator

Input your cup size and band size into the calculator below to find your Bloom Bras size. See Bloom Bras size chart below for reference.


Use a tape measure to find your cup and band Size. Be sure to wear only a tank top or a comfortable bra with no padding while measuring.

adjust-strap-vforeverLifting Strap

To Find your Band Size: Measure around your back directly around the bust. Be sure the measuring tape is snug. Round to the nearest whole even number.

To Find your Cup Size: Measure around your back and the fullest part of your chest (at the nipple level), then round to the nearest whole number.


A person with a 48 in cup size & 42 in band size has a bra size of 6. Their bra size is a 44D or a Bloom Bra size 6.

Bloom Bras Size Chart

Are you looking for the right Bloom Bra size for you? Use the chart below to locate the best Bloom Bra number based on the size you currently wear.

Band SizeCup SizeBloom Size

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