Designed by an all-star team of specialists to make you look as good as you feel.

Bloom Bras supports a 30D - 44K including maternity.

The most comfortable and supportive bra according to customers.

All Hardware is in the front for easy off and on with no silly velcro.

Full wicking power mesh back and thick padded straps eliminate pressure.

Bloom Bras features a patented system to customize to your body for adjustability, comfort, breathability and to make you look great

Lift Not Squish

The Bloom Bra adjusts to your body with a patented lifting strap and cinching cups. It’s designed to make you look and feel good without harmful underwire. Working like a shelf to lift the breasts rather than squashing them, The Bloom Bra distributes weight throughout the back and sides rather than putting pressure over the shoulders and across the ribs.

adjust-strap-vforeverLifting Strap

Patented strap customizes to your body and needs.

bandpull-vforeverCup Adjuster

Works like a corset cinching to your size.

underwiregif-v3OptNo Awful Underwire

State-of-the-art compression materials serve as your “helping hands.

zipper-pull-foreverWicking Mesh Back

Allows for comfort and breathability

zipper-pull-foreverFront Hardware

The zipper and adjusters are in the front for easy access.  Plus, no metal digging in ever.

divots-vforeverDivot Control

The system is designed to distribute weight evenly throughout the back taking the pressure off of your shoulders

Sports Bras For Women
Womens Sports Bras

Signature Bloom Bra®

Designed without underwire and working like a shelf to lift the breasts rather than squashing them, The Bloom Bra distributes weight throughout the back and sides rather than putting pressure over the shoulders and across the ribs, allowing for natural movement of the breast and uninterrupted circulation of the body’s essential systems.

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“It is our goal at Bloom Bras to design products which are easily adjustable for every activity and are always comfortable to wear. I want to empower women to get out there.”

Ray, 22
I have yet to find a sports bra made for large chests that are actually supportive, comfortable, and sexy. It seems like I always have to select just one or two of these qualities. Bloom Bras provide all three! They are revolutionizing active apparel for curvy woman.
Kelly, 30
As an active person who has a full chest, I love not having to wear layers upon layers of sports bras to get the support that I need. With a Bloom Bra, I get maximum support with just one comfortable and breathable bra.
Amy, 41
"I have tried every other sports bra out there and this is the only one that works"

“I’m a runner, dancer, yoga instructor and reformed corporate executive. I have purchased every sports bra on the market in my size. When I ran my first half marathon, I wore an underwire bra under a sports bra to get the support I needed. There was no skin left on my back from the hooks digging in and on the front from under wire. I wanted to develop a sports bra that fit real women like me.”


Elyse Kaye, Founder and CEO

Elyse Kaye has spent her career heading up marketing and product development.  She wrote the business plan for Bloom Bras two decades ago out of frustration.  Elyse is a runner, dancer, yoga instructor and world traveler with a passion for life.  For years, she sought out a sports bra that was comfortable, supportive, and did not feel like a suit of armor.  In 2016, she brought on an all-star team to bring her vision to life and tapped celebrity corset designer Camilla Huey – whose client list includes Oprah, Katy Perry, Aretha Franklin and Wendy Williams – to develop Bloom Bras’ patented design.  Elyse resides in San Francisco.

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Donate a Bloom Bra. The company pays homage to Elyse’s grandmother who she lost to breast cancer. Designed for women who have gone through non-elective reconstructive surgery

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